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SPMS'er, dx 1997, kørestolsfræser. Har aldrig fået medicin. Selvbedømt EDSS 7. Liberated i Indien d. 8.11.2010 - små bitte forbedringer.
Siden 1.1.2012 på TW's diæt - 100%. 1. juni 2013 startet D-vit. kur.

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Sv: Priser
« Svar #1 Dato: 16 Juli 2010, 14:53:56 »
Her nedenfor, har jeg forsøgt at finde og samle priser fra de forskellige steder og under hvert sted omregnet prisen til kr.

UNDLAD venligst at kommentere i denne tråd, men kom kun med flere priser, hvis du har dem. Denne tråd skal være rent oplysende! .

Priser er omregnet til kr ud fra følgende kurser:

€  -  7.5 kr
£   -  9   kr
$  -   6   kr



Spend Only $5600!!
Find out How You Can get CCSVI Screening and Liberation Treatment done at a world class hospital in India in just 5600 US Dollars
·   Airport Pick up and drop in India
·   Stay in Hospital for 4 days in a private room
·   CCSVI Screening including Brainstem auditory evoked potential, Visual Evoked Potential, MRI, MRV, Transcranial Doppler, Neck Venous Doppler
·   Liberation Treatment/Venous Angioplasty
·   Stay in Hotel for 2 days post procedure for recuperation and follow-up
Please feel free to call us any time
US/Canada Toll Free Number:

International Helpline Number:
Write to us

$ 5600 ~  32.000 kr

Greetings from India  !

Safemedtrip, the leading Medical Travel facilitator company that has helped a large number of  Multiple Sclerosis patients avail  CCSVI Screening and Liberation Treatment at world class hospitals in India has now added more facilities and value benefits to its CCSVI facilitation service.
Liberation Treatment invented by Dr. Paolo Zamboni, a former vascular surgeon and professor at the University of Ferrara in northern Italy has become a new hope for millions of Multiple Sclerosis patients across the world.

Based on extensive research and customer feedback has added a plethora of  services and benefits to its CCSVI facilitation program
1) NO FACILITATION FEE  OR ADVANCE PAYMENT REQUIRED -   Safemedtrip never demands any upfront payment for any of the treatment or testing packages offered.  Our customers make payments directly to the hospital after admission.
2) TOLL FREE HELPLINE  - can be reached easily anytime on its US/Canada Toll Free Number: 1-888-771-6965 or International Helpline Number: +91-9899993637.
3) MOST COMPREHENSIVE AND COST EFFECTIVE CCSVI PACKAGE -  CCSVI Testing Package offered by Safemedtrip comprises of advanced testing Brainstem auditory evoked potential (BAEP),Visual Evoked Potential (VEP), MRI Brain, MRV ( Magnetic Resonance Venography),Transcranial Doppler, Neck Venous Doppler, Blood Profiling tests and Consultations with specialist doctors. CCSVI Testing and Liberation Package costs less than 6000 US Dollars including 4 days stay at the hospital where companion can stay with the customer in an air-conditioned hospital room equipped with television, internet facility, electrically operated highly advanced patient bed, food and laundry service, mobile on rental basis, etc.
4) WORLD CLASS HOSPITALS IN INDIA,  MULTIDISCIPLINARY CLINICAL TEAM  -  Safemedtrip customers are looked after by a leading team of specialists comprising Neurologists, Neuro-Surgeons, Interventional Neuro-Radiologists and experts in Neuromuscular Disorder. These services are backed by a superspecialty hospital's  tertiary care infrastructure that includes advanced Intensive Care Units, Operation Theatres, Blood Bank, Diagnostic facilities and highly skilled multispecialty team of doctors. World's most advanced technology like high end Doppler Machine, Flat Panel Biplane DSA, Advanced DynaCT, 3D imaging, highly advanced Neuro-Interventional Lab and above all excellent doctors, nurses to patient ratio.
Right from the first contact with on its US/Canada Toll Free Number: 1-888-771-6965 or International Helpline Number: +91-9899993637, the Safemedtrip team gets cracking to coordinate medical opinion from CCSVI expert doctors and arrange hospital appointment without any waiting period. We offer valuable advice on getting Indian Visa on priority and plan air travel.
6) ON THE GROUND SUPPORT IN INDIA, WHERE YOU NEED IT THE MOST - customers get personalised service right from airport pick up by trained Guest Relation Executives, priority hospital admission, appointment bookings, Special arrangements for managing wheelchair patients. Mobile local phone rental, post hospital stay at apartments, hotels nearby the hospital, local commuting by car and even a sight-seeing package to visit  Agra to see the Taj Mahal for patients and family as desired.
7) LONG TERM SUPPORT - Safemedtrip customers at the time of discharge from the hospital get a comprehensive discharge summary along with all radiology films, medical reports, CD and all other relevant medical information so that your local doctor can support you after return home. Safemedtrip is also committed to providing prompt co-ordination for follow-up and medical advice from CCSVI doctors over phone and e-mail if required anytime in future.
For more information please check out the following weblink.
or see our patient testimonials on the following weblink
or CALL US CANADA TOLL FREE PHONE 1888 771 6965 or 00 91 98 9999 3637
About Safemedtrip is a  patient support service set up by a group of hospital industry professionals with a strong shared vision and ethical values.  It helps overseas patients considering high quality medical treatment in India to find the best provider hospitals and provides all required support services to make their visit to India a successful,  rather a memorable  experience.
can be reached at +91 98 9999 3637 or on its US /  Canada Toll Free Helpline - 1-888-771-6965 to get instant answers to queries for high quality, cost effective medical treatment in India. For more information and help please visit | 89,Nehru Place | New Delhi | INDIA | 110019 | India



CCSVI Dalin Medical AngioClinic
Stefan Cel Mare,020131
Bucharest 07000
ph: +4031.810.7400
fax: +4031.810.7400





950 EUR   DIAGNOSTIC PACKAGE: MRV, USG Doppler, neurologic examination, consultation with phlebology specialist, lab tests, one night at hospital

3.600 EUR   ANGIOPLASTY (Phlebography with renal and iliac veins, ballooning, one night at hospital)

3.200 EUR   Phlebography only (diagnostics of renal and iliac veins included)
1.600 EUR   Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS)
600 EUR   ANGIOPLASTY of renal and illiac veins

recommended in about 3 to 6 months after the treatment
900 EUR   MRV, USG Doppler, neurologic examination, lab tests, consultation with phlebology specialist, one night at hospital

350 EUR   Stand-by package
100 EUR   Single patient's room at the ward (per night)

* 10% off at the restaurant * 20% off the laundry services    * Breakfast included* Internet access included   RADISSON BLU SOBIESKI HOTEL
1 person   2 persons   ROOM TYPE
80 EUR   95 EUR   Twin standard
85 EUR   100 EUR   Twin deluxe
100 EUR   115 EUR   Suite standard
95 EUR   110 EUR   Twin executive
100 EUR   115 EUR   Twin executive deluxe
120 EUR   135 EUR   Suite executive
20 EUR   Additional bed (for 3rd person in the room) - per night
for family members during the patients stay at the hospital - not wheelchair accessible, breakfast included
50 EUR   1 person room - per night
75 EUR   2 persons room - per night
10 EUR   Meal for an accompanying person (lunch and/or dinner)
Transport included: airport - hotel - hospital - hotel - airport.Prices are exclusive of travelling costs.* Intraoperative decision made by the physician
Prices are valid from 01.04.2012 to 30.06.2012



Opdatering pr. 28.04.2011:

To complete the registration with us please fill in the form :,registration.html


We have the dates for the treatment available from May on, is that suitable time frame for you?

Please see below the pricelist.

-8, 200.00 euro : angioplasty with stenting (1 stent)
If more than one stent is placed, each additional costs 800 euro.

-7, 900.00 euro: angioplasty with cutting balloon ( 1 cutting balloon). If more than one cutting balloon is placed, each additional costs 500 euro.

-7, 400.00 euro: angioplasty ballooning

-3, 700.00 euro: full diagnostics with phlebography


* If the Doppler and MRI examinations are performed in Katowice with Euromedic, the cost of the tests is 1,800.00 euro


The price includes:

-Vascular surgeon/angiologist consultation

-Eye examination

-Neurologist consultation – before and after the procedure

-Endovascular procedure (angioplasty or stenting)

-5- night stay in a 4-star hotel (breakfast included) – double room

-Transport to the examination and procedure facilities

-Transport from/to Pyrzowice (Katowice) or Balice (Kraków) Airport

-EuroMedic personnel assist during your stay

-telephone hot-line assistance

-a set of basic medications for a week

-massage therapy and rehabilitation consultation

-dentist visit voucher – free dental check-up

-ECG test




Useful links:

Facebook site: look for Euromedic Poland

Also, please inform us if you know patients who would be interested in the CCSVI procedure; We'd appreciate if you can send us their contact details and/or give them our contact e-mail address and phone number.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions,



Kind Regards,


Marta Cyba

Euromedic Poland


opdatering slut.

As we are speeding up with the appointments, we have dates of treatment
available in the third quarter of year 2010 (August-October).

The price is 6,900.00 euro. Included are : all examinations and procedure,
accommodation for 2 people for 5 nights in a 4 star hotel and
transportation from/to the airport and medical facilities.

We request patients to pay by bank transfer 3 weeks before the treatment.

Please let us know asap if you'd be interested in taking the treatment.

Please answer by email , you can also call us on +48 32 603 02 30 and +48
32 603 02 31.

Please update us on your phone number and let us know if you need wheelchair-adjusted

Thank you,

Kind Regards,

Marta Prus (nee Cichy)
Patient Coordinator
Euromedic Poland
0048 32 603 02 31

€  6.900    ~     51.750 kr


CCSVI-Center, Frankfurt.

Prof.Dr.Stehling Institut für Bildgebende DIAGNOSTIK

Strahlenberger Straße 110

63067 Offenbach - Kaiserlei

Telefon: 069-50 50 00 90

Fax: 069-50 50 00 98-8



Mandag - Fredag: 8.00 - 20.00

lørdag: 10.00 - 14.00

søn- og helligdage:

efter aftale

Deres FAQ-side:

Deres kontakt-side:

Priser Dr. Vogl

MRV-scanning, nupris                      1.200 €
Ved ikke om Dobbler er inkluderet

Operation en side                  4.000 €
Operation anden side             3-4.000 €

I forbindelse med efter-operation CT-scanning som viser om der er nogle postoperation lækager i venen. Gratis eller inkluderet i de 4.000 €.

Ingen gratis efterbehandling.

Hotelophold 2 dg. a 56 €. Enkeltværelse.

€ 4000  ~  30.000 kr

OBS! Han laver kun den ene side og tager det samme for den anden side.


Private Scan:

Private Scanning | Liberation behandling CCSVI-MS patienter

Dr. Paolo Zamboni, en italiensk læge og tidligere vaskulære kirurg, har en ny behandling "The Liberation Therapy" for mennesker med MS udviklet. Ifølge denne læge er MS kan ikke have kronisk sygdom i centralnervesystemet, men en sygdom i det vaskulære system. Efter sin succesfulde angioplastik behandling med MS-patienter blev udført på det vaskulære system, MS-patienter, var langt mindre eller ikke længere har akut angreb. Også navne de symptomer, MS-patienter havde normalt væsentligt og en yderligere forværring blev standset.

Private Scan udfører sammen med de diagnostiske tests, som CCSVI kan fastslås, også kendt som Liberation angioplastik behandling af professor Paolo Zamboni er udviklet. 90 dage efter behandling introducerer Private Scan også en række kontrol undersøgelser, herunder en ny ultralyd / Doppler. Test din fysiske og kognitive begrænsninger er også målt før og efter behandling udføres. Din behandling dag (e) er som følger:
Dag 1. Test (fysisk / kognitiv) og CCSVI Liberation angioplastik

      Indledende drøftelse med den behandlende læge. Varighed ca 20 minutter
      Diagnostiske undersøgelser og tests. Fokuseret på de kognitive tests, betinget, Motor (balance og ligevægt), der har behov for pleje og niveauer. Disse målinger udgør en baseline inden behandling. Tager ca 1 time. Følgende prøver er udført:
      - Test 1. Balance test ..>>
      - Test 2. Gangtest ..>> (hvis muligt)
      - Test 3. Bartel index
      - Test 4. FR Index
      - Test 5. MAS spørgeskema
      - Test 6. DYMUS spørgeskema
      Liberation angioplastik. Varighed ca 1 time
      Bortset aeronautiske genprøvning ophold og slappe af. Varighed ca 4 timer
      Diskussion med lægen. Varighed cirka 30 minutter. Den skriftlige rapport vil følge inden for cirka to uger.

Dag 2. Efter 90 dage CCSVI Control Echo / Doppler og analysehyppighed

      Diskussion med læge
      Echo / Doppler Duplex. Målet er at afgøre, om gedotterde blodåre (r) efter 90 dage er fri for stenoser. Efter denne periode risikoen for et tilbagevendende stenoser betydeligt mindre.
      Gentagelse af ovennævnte seks prøver. Målet er at gøre fremskridt enhver lejlighed til at behandle videnskabeligt måle og dokumentere. Disse dokumenter er vigtigt i samråd med specialister på hollandsk, og du har ved hånden. Chancen for forståelse og accept af din speciallæge er derfor væsentligt større chance for at lykkes.
      Diskussion med læge og skriftlig indberetning af diagnostiske tests vil følge inden for cirka to uger.

Vigtig meddelelse:
Hvis der under inspektionen ekko / Doppler 90 dage efter den første behandling, at den tidligere annulleret stenose (n) vil have returneret igen, uden ekstra omkostninger til at beregne en ballonudvidelse procedure skal udføres. Naturligvis kun, hvis lægeligt begrundet og gennemførligt.


Vil du vide mere om forskning CCSVI klik her ..>>

Du kan også ringe: 074 - 2552 680

De omkostninger og godtgørelse af forsøg og CCSVI Liberation behandling

Udgifterne til ovennævnte test og behandling af CCSVI befrielse, herunder gentage scanningen og test 90 dage efter behandling, koordinering og mægling og hollandske støtte under din behandling og forskning dage € 5.995, -. Dette udelukker CCSVI diagnostiske test, som også kan udføre private scanning.

€ 5.995  ~  44.963 kr



I alt Forskning (MRV & Echo Doppler), herunder vejledning og hollandske oversættelse, udgifter € 1.269, -. En tilbagebetaling af omkostninger er muligt, hvis du har en henvisning til en scanning og MRV en Echo Doppler og dit helbred forsikringsselskab refunderer forskning i udlandet. Kontrollér altid med din assurandør om mulighederne. Forscanning tilbyder også mulighed for at sprede betalingerne.

€ 1.268  ~    9517 kr

Har fået dette.

Page 1
Information CCSVI treatment:

The treatment concerning CCSVI is under the leadership of the vein surgeons, Dr. Med. Harmut
Görtz and Dr. Med. Jörg Teßerek. Both of whom are head physician of the Vascular Surgery
Centre Emsland, situated in the St. Bonafatius Hospital in Lingen.

It is important that each patient is first extensively screened.
To verify if you qualify for the CCSVI treatment we need the following particulars.
(If you have had your examinations carried out by Prescan there is no need to send this

After having received your data our doctors will analyze it.
If you do meet the requirements set you will receive confirmation of this, as well as the date of
the first possible treatment.
If a procedure, in your situation does not seem to be of any significance, you will receive all the
medical information with an accompanying letter by return post.

The treatment will take three days. The program is as follows:

Day 1: (Thursday or Friday):
• Reception English speaking attendant.
• Neurological baseline (consultation and examination)
• Cardiological preliminary examination (screening)
• Consultation with anaesthesiologist
• Preliminary consultation with the vascular surgeon

Day 2: (Friday of Saturday)
• Preliminary consultation with the doctor
• CT scan (128 slices) if necessary
• Operative procedure (angioplasty or stent)

Day 3: (Saturday of Sunday)
• Consultation with the neurologist
• Final consultation with the vascular surgeon

Your stay at the hospital
During your stay you will be residing in a luxurious First Class room. Your stay is including
breakfast and dinner. For a small surcharge (€ 75,-) your partner can overnight in the same
room. Night nursing can be arranged at your request.

Page 2

After care
Prescan also provides an extensive after care process, consisting of a team of specialized
vascular surgeons, neurologists, cardiologists and radiologists. After your treatment you will be
under the care and supervision of our specialists for a period of one year; this in connection with
an extensive worldwide study of CCSVI treatment (Liberation Treatment). The checkups will take
place at intervals of 3, 6, and 12 months after your treatment, partially telephonically and partially
on location at Lingen.


The procedure is carried out in the Gefäßzentrums Emsland (Emsland Vascular Centre), which
is part of the St. Bonifatius Hospitals in Lingen and one of the few fully certified vascular clinics
in Germany. The clinic is completely wheel chair friendly and belongs to the top 5 best vascular
surgery clinics in Germany. You are always guaranteed to be treated by one of the chief

You can find more information about the clinic at:

Important information
Scientific research is still being done on the CCSVI theory. The relation between CCSVI and the
development of MS has not yet been indisputably proved. At the moment the treatment is only
offered far outside of the Netherlands. Prescan would like to offer MS patients the opportunity to
undergo the treatment closer to home.
Costs / Expenses
The total cost of the CCSVI treatment, including stay over amounts to € 5995,-
(incl. 1 year follow-up checkups after the treatment and extra MRI examinations after treatment).

€ 5995    ~  44.962 kr


Essential Health Clinic:

Priserne for de forskellige pakkeløsninger kan nemmest se her:

Pakke 1:  £ 450    - kun doppler
Pakke 2:  £ 5250  - CT venogram, angioplasty, doppler scanning (efter 6 mdr), læge konsultation
Pakke 3:  £ 5500  - alt i samme pakke

£   450   ~      3.375 kr
£ 5250   ~    47.250 kr
£ 5500   ~    49.500 kr



Nyt pr 30.11-2011:

Pris:  CCSVI-behandling inkl. screening (2 dage): € 4500,- / DKK 33.995,-


Opdatering d. 13.09.2011:

En pakkeløsning der består af:
Pick-up service (airport-hotel, hotel-hospital, hospital-hotel, hotel-airport)
assistance during hospital visits
stand-by in case of any problem
MRI scan and doctor visit
Doctor's fee
Medication (Fraxiparine or Clexane)
Hotel near the hospital up to 4 nights (4 stars)
Coordination and planning

Samlet pris: 5.400 euro
Tilbydes af: Hugo Contino <>

Dette er det gamle, som  jeg lader stå, der er lidt information i:

Dr. Beelen MD is performing CCSVI treatment (ballooning and if neccessary stenting). Has done,I think, around one hunderd patients now. No known problems. Part of a research project.

Costs: treatment (without stent) about 1700 euro. You have to arrange your own hotel (possible for about 85 euro a day). CT & doppler: about 300 euro.

Roel Beelen MD
Department of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery
OLV Hospital
Moorselbaan 164
9300 Aalst

Tel: (0032)(0)53/724599
Email: Roel(dot)Beelen(at)

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SPMS'er, dx 1997, kørestolsfræser. Har aldrig fået medicin. Selvbedømt EDSS 7. Liberated i Indien d. 8.11.2010 - små bitte forbedringer.
Siden 1.1.2012 på TW's diæt - 100%. 1. juni 2013 startet D-vit. kur.