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Launching On November 14th 2016

Betrayal Series: "The Autoimmune Disease Solution They're Not Telling You"...
"At Last... More Than 85+ Experts, including Doctors, Scientists, World Leading Functional Medicine Experts, as well as Sufferers now in Remission, are Lifting The Lid On The Auto-Immune Industry, In This 7 Part Series"



Why Is Autoimmunity So Hard To Cure?

From Dr . Tom O'Bryan
Re: Turning Autoimmunity On Its Head, Will you help us?

The truth is this: We cannot arrest, or stop what we do not understand. YOU simply cannot change what you do not know. THAT is the seed that fueled this entire project.

Betrayal begins a powerful and deeply personal journey for you. It is only the starting point. There are over 85 hours of interviews and transcripts to continue to catapult you forward and help you sustain your momentum.

Your journey now is to create your integration and implementation plan. Health is a lifelong journey, and it is my deepest hope that by owning the entire docuseries and all of the expert interviews – you will be the director of your NEW life. YOU will create the Health Care Team to work with that supports enhancing your health. You will chart a course every single day based on cutting-edge information, information that changes your life and the lives of those around you. 



per west:
Utroligt spændende emne, som alle burde håbe på vil blive udbredt mere og mere, så de rigtige læger kan komme til orde. Jeg glæder mig til at komme tilbage til normale internethastigheder, for her i Indien på Artemis, er nettet så langsomt at videoerne timer out forinden de kan afspilles.  :)

Hej Per

Ja, det ser rigtig spændende ud :) Glæder mig også til at dem.
De rigtige videoer bliver dog først frigivet efter d. 14. nov.
Fortsat god bedring, håber det bedste med dit projekt ;)

Her er lige en Teaser mere...

It's Not Easy To Live With The Symptoms Of
Autoimmunity – Especially When You’re A Kid.

Do you know what happens to those kids? It’s called Social Phobia.

Picture this one part of their lives: They sit alone at lunchtime. Because food allergies and gluten sensitivity are often triggers for them, children with autoimmunity are segmented away, isolated, laughed at, made to feel less than. Did you know once a child receives a diagnosis of Celiac Disease, they have a 40% increased risk of committing suicide compared to a non-celiac child. 40%!!!

I’ve lost TWO patients to suicide. It was one of the most devastating experiences of my life, because both young men tragically took their lives, before my first consultation with them. Both had the autoimmune reaction of celiac disease.   

Their lives could have been saved. And I committed right then and there that I would devote my life to educating the world about the truth of autoimmunity.

If there is a cure for autoimmunity, Educating Humanity is the cure. HELP us. Once you feel the ‘common sense’ of this approach, share it with your world. Become an ambassador to help fuel this information like a ROCKET. Own your future AND help us change other lives.

Autoimmunity has such a high price for the families suffering. Its twice the estimated cost of cancer in the US. Between the costs of these ridiculously-expensive medications, and the care required, the National Institute of Health estimates costs to be over $100 billion dollars annually for Autoimmune disease.
But what about these poor individual families that were already struggling to get by?

It costs tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars – in medical bills and lost time and lost energy. In lost dreams.
In story after story we hear what this has cost patients. Collectively billions of dollars.



Why Is Autoimmunity So Hard To Cure?

Why, because people shouldn’t have to suffer, and money should NEVER be a barrier to stop you being healthy and happy.

Don’t miss out on this life changing series. Make sure you watch all 85 plus interviews in the upcoming episodes. Because ONE piece of information from just one of our experts could be the tipping point for you. One insight from our experts like Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr Mark Hyman, Dr. Deanna Minich, Dr Izabella Wentz, Dr Datis Kharrazianor or one of our doctors and scientists from around the GLOBE – from all over the US, England, Spain, Portugal or Italy…

The world’s leading minds say that autoimmunity is the core cause for ALL disease, for cardiovascular disease, for CANCER. Even for depression and suicide. 

I do not want others to go through this hell...Autoimmune disease robs our youth, steals our years and ruins lives...

This CAN be reversed and put into remission… The research papers have said again and again that you can arrest, that’s their language, arrest the development of autoimmune disease by lifestyle choices.

There are scores of stories of breakthroughs. And I want yours to be one of those. Your loved one that you’re thinking of right now, could be one of these amazing success stories.

How long are we going to wait until we stand up against this terrible disease?

How many people have had their life experiences stolen from them? Their marriage, their wife, their husband, their children???




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