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Titel: Betrayal The Series
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Launching On November 14th 2016

Betrayal Series: "The Autoimmune Disease Solution They're Not Telling You"...
"At Last... More Than 85+ Experts, including Doctors, Scientists, World Leading Functional Medicine Experts, as well as Sufferers now in Remission, are Lifting The Lid On The Auto-Immune Industry, In This 7 Part Series"

Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
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Why Is Autoimmunity So Hard To Cure?

From Dr . Tom O'Bryan
Re: Turning Autoimmunity On Its Head, Will you help us?

The truth is this: We cannot arrest, or stop what we do not understand. YOU simply cannot change what you do not know. THAT is the seed that fueled this entire project.

Betrayal begins a powerful and deeply personal journey for you. It is only the starting point. There are over 85 hours of interviews and transcripts to continue to catapult you forward and help you sustain your momentum.

Your journey now is to create your integration and implementation plan. Health is a lifelong journey, and it is my deepest hope that by owning the entire docuseries and all of the expert interviews – you will be the director of your NEW life. YOU will create the Health Care Team to work with that supports enhancing your health. You will chart a course every single day based on cutting-edge information, information that changes your life and the lives of those around you.

Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
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Utroligt spændende emne, som alle burde håbe på vil blive udbredt mere og mere, så de rigtige læger kan komme til orde. Jeg glæder mig til at komme tilbage til normale internethastigheder, for her i Indien på Artemis, er nettet så langsomt at videoerne timer out forinden de kan afspilles.  :)
Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
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Hej Per

Ja, det ser rigtig spændende ud :) Glæder mig også til at dem.
De rigtige videoer bliver dog først frigivet efter d. 14. nov.
Fortsat god bedring, håber det bedste med dit projekt ;)

Her er lige en Teaser mere...

It's Not Easy To Live With The Symptoms Of
Autoimmunity – Especially When You’re A Kid.

Do you know what happens to those kids? It’s called Social Phobia.

Picture this one part of their lives: They sit alone at lunchtime. Because food allergies and gluten sensitivity are often triggers for them, children with autoimmunity are segmented away, isolated, laughed at, made to feel less than. Did you know once a child receives a diagnosis of Celiac Disease, they have a 40% increased risk of committing suicide compared to a non-celiac child. 40%!!!

I’ve lost TWO patients to suicide. It was one of the most devastating experiences of my life, because both young men tragically took their lives, before my first consultation with them. Both had the autoimmune reaction of celiac disease.   

Their lives could have been saved. And I committed right then and there that I would devote my life to educating the world about the truth of autoimmunity.

If there is a cure for autoimmunity, Educating Humanity is the cure. HELP us. Once you feel the ‘common sense’ of this approach, share it with your world. Become an ambassador to help fuel this information like a ROCKET. Own your future AND help us change other lives.

Autoimmunity has such a high price for the families suffering. Its twice the estimated cost of cancer in the US. Between the costs of these ridiculously-expensive medications, and the care required, the National Institute of Health estimates costs to be over $100 billion dollars annually for Autoimmune disease.
But what about these poor individual families that were already struggling to get by?

It costs tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars – in medical bills and lost time and lost energy. In lost dreams.
In story after story we hear what this has cost patients. Collectively billions of dollars.

Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
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Why Is Autoimmunity So Hard To Cure?

Why, because people shouldn’t have to suffer, and money should NEVER be a barrier to stop you being healthy and happy.

Don’t miss out on this life changing series. Make sure you watch all 85 plus interviews in the upcoming episodes. Because ONE piece of information from just one of our experts could be the tipping point for you. One insight from our experts like Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr Mark Hyman, Dr. Deanna Minich, Dr Izabella Wentz, Dr Datis Kharrazianor or one of our doctors and scientists from around the GLOBE – from all over the US, England, Spain, Portugal or Italy…

The world’s leading minds say that autoimmunity is the core cause for ALL disease, for cardiovascular disease, for CANCER. Even for depression and suicide. 

I do not want others to go through this hell...Autoimmune disease robs our youth, steals our years and ruins lives...

This CAN be reversed and put into remission… The research papers have said again and again that you can arrest, that’s their language, arrest the development of autoimmune disease by lifestyle choices.

There are scores of stories of breakthroughs. And I want yours to be one of those. Your loved one that you’re thinking of right now, could be one of these amazing success stories.

How long are we going to wait until we stand up against this terrible disease?

How many people have had their life experiences stolen from them? Their marriage, their wife, their husband, their children???

Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
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Episode 1 Overview

What are the root causes of dire, life-destroying conditions such as Lupus, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Diabetes, skin conditions like Psoriasis, and even brain diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia?

This is where you learn what you need to know to change your life. You may find this hard to believe, but these autoimmune diseases are caused when your body seemingly turns on itself.

It's as if it betrays you.

In this first episode, you'll actually learn, instead, how your body is trying to protect you. Unfortunately, modern therapies and medications are designed to block your immune system, instead of work with it. Here's what it is, and what you'll learn.

Here's what you'll learn:

What really is auto-immune disease?
The true impact of auto-immune disease in the US and in other countries.
What is functional medicine and how is it different from conventional medicine?
The facts behind why medication is not the core solution.
Inspirational personal case studies of patients being healed by the functional medicine protocols.
Who is Dr. Tom O'Bryan and what's his purpose with the 'Betrayal' documentary series?
At the turn of the 20th century, these sorts of diseases were found in about 1 in 10,000 individuals. And now as many as 1 in 4 are on the autoimmune spectrum! That's an unbelievable change in a remarkably short period of time. It's not because our genes have changed much over that short period of time. That's why it is a modern epidemic. And it's mostly accrued in the last 30 years.

So it's clearly not how we are made that is causing these problems. Therapists and scientists are now looking at many other outside reasons for the causes.

Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
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Episode 2: The Leaky Gut Problem, Detection And Diagnosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Case Studies Of Gut Disease and Reversal.

* The truth about the leaky gut and rheumatoid arthritis connection

* The issue with vitamin deficiency and poor absorption

* The vitamin d deficiency connection to leaky gut

* The importance of a healthy gut

* What intestinal permeability is, and why you need to know about it

* The signs of leaky gut

Here's something you may find shocking:

The majority of the one hundred million Americans suffering from chronic pain are also suffering with leaky gut syndrome (technically referred to as Pathogenic Intestinal Permeability). What's the connection?

Despite modern medicine's best intentions, pain medications and our over-reliance on antibiotics (which leads to "superbugs") only compound the problem. In fact, this is actually a deadly combination - pain meds and antibiotics - and it has created a public health crisis, which physicians are ill-prepared to diagnose and treat properly.

This would be like your car blowing black smoke out of the exhaust pipe and thinking you were solving the problem by trying to 'fix' the exhaust pipe! Sounds crazy right!? But sadly, this is what people are doing every day.

"We don't know a lot but we know that it [leaky gut] exists," says Linda A. Lee, MD, a gastroenterologist and director of the Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center. "In the absence of [knowing the] evidence, we don't know what it means or what therapies can directly address it."

Is that a little concerning that the director of the John Hopkins Integrative Medical and Digestive Center would not be able to tell you what do about the root cause (or solution) to your leaky gut?

We are in the medical dark ages, especially in regard to gut bacteria and its crucial role in autoimmune disease. With the Betrayal docu-series, we are breaking the silence and bringing you the truth that you urgently need to hear.

Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
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Episode 1 og 2 kan stadig ses... Der er åbnet igen i 24 timer.

We've had such an overwhelming response to this series. It's wonderful to get the truth out.

No one can estimate the damage autoimmune disease has done to precious individuals and families that at the brink of losing hope altogether. That's why I'm here, and that's why my team and I are dedicated to standing for you in getting this message out.

I'm asking you to consider your loved ones and what they may be going through, and things you may not even know that they're experiencing as the truth is the shame often silences sufferers from speaking openly.

I want you to also think about what your friends and family may experience in the future, and how valuable this information could be to them right now. This is the last chance you have to send your friends and family access to every single episode, since each episode will only be open for 24 hours...(so video two will be shutting down soon...)

BUT, the exciting news is that we are keeping episode 2 open another 24 hours, and episode 1 will remain live also. So, if you don't want your loved ones to miss out then please send them this today: "I wanted to share the Betrayal Docu-series because this may be life saving to you or to someone you love"

We've had almost 200,000 people register to see this event, and over 170,000 people that have seen episode 1 and 2. We've had thousands of comments of people like yourself that are seeing the hope that is based on solid science and proven protocols.

Again, here's the problem. So many people haven't seen this yet. What about your family, and your dearest friends? Have you let them know? Whether they have a condition or not, maybe they want to protect their families, or maybe they simply want to eat and live healthy...

Please let them know right now, as this is your last chance to get this email to your friends and family before we continue going through the series, and have each episode air for the limited window of 24 hours. If they miss episode 1, 2 or any other episode, what we are about to reveal in the final episode will sound so out of this world, that it will be either hard to believe, or just not backed by all the solid science, practical examples, as well as tools and protocols we reveal in each episode.

If you don't want your loved ones to miss out, please send them this link right away so they can make sure they don't miss out on a single minute of this life saving information. "I wanted to share the Betrayal Docu-series because this may be life saving to you or to someone you love ("

Yours in health,
Dr Tom O'Bryan and the Betrayal Team

P.S. Our mission is to get this message to the world at zero cost so everyone can access it. We're so glad to being doing that. Also, a lot of people have reached out asking about about owning the series, and I wanted to let you know that if that's something you would like that we will make that option available soon.

Episode 1: Autoimmune Disease Revealed, The Shocking Truth About Conventional Medicine, Medication Misuse And Abuse And Is Functional Medicine The Answer?

Episode 2: The Leaky Gut Problem, Detection And Diagnosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Case Studies Of Gut Disease and

Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
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Episode 3:

The Microbiome and How To Restore The Good Bacteria, Plus Colitis & Gut Disease Success Stories.

Here's what you might not know: Compromised gut bacteria is the root cause of an onslaught of autoimmune diseases, whether it's Thyroid Disease like Hashimotos, Psoriasis, Alzheimer's or whatever other condition it may be... or whatever the symptoms that manifest... whether it's inflammation, joint pain, migraines or depression... the list is long. Life long.

The answer to restoring a compromised gut is: MICROBIOME.

If you are ready to learn the truth about microbiomes, tune in to this video, episode 3 of the Betrayal series, to discover 3 vital things:

1. How microbiomes regulate the immune system
2. A solution for a healthy microbiome
3. Case studies of patients healed by healthy microbiome

Plus how to check the status of your gut's microbiome and how food affects microbiome.

Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
Indlæg af: Lisa.T efter 18 November 2016, 14:01:48
Jeg fandt afsnit 2 betydeligt mere spændende end det første. Har ikke set 3'eren endnu, det gør jeg snarest.

Der blev talt en del om Vit D, og målinger af denne. Så vidt, jeg kom frem til, brugte de en anden måle enhed end vi gør (i hvert fald en anden end min læge), og hvis man gerne vil regne sin værdi ud, har jeg fundet en omregnings tabel.

    To convert a test result measured in ng/ml to one measured in nmol/l, multiply the ng/ml number by 2.5. For example, 20 ng/ml is the same as 50 nmol/l (20 x 2.5).
    To convert a test result measured in nmol/l to one measured in ng/ml, divide the nmol/l number by 2.5. For example, 50 nmol/l is the same as 20 ng/ml (50÷2.5).

Da jeg så afsnittet, skyndte jeg mig lige at sluge 30.000 IU. Håber det hjælper.  ;D

Og, jeg bed også meget mærke i, at man kun kan fordøje sin mad, hvis man har tilstrækkelig med mavesyre. Mange tror fejlagtigt, at de har for meget p.g.a. halsbrand (mig mig mig), men det er et tegn på for lidt mavesyre. Så jeg vil tage lidt ekstra....

Og nu til nr. 3.
Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
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Ind til videre yderst interessant...

Genoprettelse af tarmfloraen og øko-kost er helt essentielt... samt naturligvis de rigtige vitaminer og mineraler men uden en sund tarmflora optager man ikke disse ordentligt, så tilbage til starten.


Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
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Afsnit 1, 2 og 3 er åbne i yderligere 24 timer, så du kan nå det endnu...

Fra Betrayal teamet:

Here's the note from the team:

How often have 220,000 people gathered around one healing mission? Ever? We are a small team who created this vision and these Episodes. We have no external army to share this content - and we have no external funding. It's a small team gathered around Dr. Tom's vision and mission, and our film director who got it done.

The challenge that we are facing is due to the huge community that has become part of Betrayal. The technology to get the video out to 220,000 of you (and growing every moment) is not easy. It has compelled us to leave each episode open longer up until now to support you as much as possible. The great news is that we have it solved it now! Please be patient with us, we're working 18+ hour days and are being told it's all set and ready to go now... We're all in this together.

So Episode 3 will be up for one more day. After this, as a general format, every episode will be open only for 24 hours - starting every evening at 9pm. Be sure to show up and budget your time to see every episode.

The comments coming in have fueled us more than we can say - people who had given up hope are writing to say they're lives are renewed, that what they have learned is changing everything. Dr. Tom has spent decades treating patients and building this mission - and he spent over a YEAR on the docu-series. We are here to help him change the world - and support YOU who read this.

Thank you for letting us serve you,
The Betrayal Team

... So that's the note from my team. I have been told that if we reach a million people, we will move the needle of awareness in conventional medicine. Will you help us reach a million people? Would you share this with just three friends?

Due to the challenge we have left episode 1, 2 and 3 open so you can refer your loved ones, and they will be able to see it all without missing a single minute, but only for the next 24 hours, as episode 2 and 3 will come down and be replaced by episode 4 tomorrow night at 9pm EST. So please share with your loved ones, and share the note 'I don't want you to miss out on this, it could change or even save your life or the life of someone you love'.

With love from me,
Dr. Tom

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Afsnit 4:

Digestive Diseases, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Gluten Sensitivity & Celiac Disease.

In this fourth video of the Betrayal series, tune in to discover:

The connection between autoimmune disease, gluten sensitivity & digestive diseases (like colitis, Crohn's Disease, celiac disease and even type II diabetes.

 How to treat the digestive diseases.
 Ways to test and see if your digestive system is healthy or not.
 Success studies of patients getting healed from digestive diseases.
 Why acid is essential for good digestion.
 What to eat to have a healthy gut.

Gluten is a prime suspect in many digestive illnesses. But how gluten interacts with so many other factors is also important to understand!

In a study of 39,000 people with this sensitivity, for those who suffering with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, for those with a sensitivity to wheat, there was a 700% increased likelihood of early death (compared to people with Crohn's or Colitis who did not have a wheat sensitivity). That's not a typo. 700%!

"Some foods that are healthy foods, biochemically if you pull them apart and their constituents, nutritional value, they're very healthy foods, but they're not healthy for you if your immune system looks at it and starts freaking out and causes you to be inflamed. We can do those tests but if they didn't want to do those, we know the foods that are the biggest offenders ..."
-NY Times Bestselling Author, Dr. David Brady

I believe the entire world needs to know the mechanism that happens to ALL of us, that Leaky Gut Syndrome is the Gateway into the development of most degenerative diseases.

Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
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Afsnit 5:

Environmental Toxin Triggers, How To Protect Yourself And Your Family & Success Stories.

Did you know that there are products that have literally ruined people's health and their lives? Are you aware that there are certain toxic ingredients in products that could be in your kitchen pantry, in the food you eat, in your bathroom or in the beverages you drink that are actually responsible for causing specific autoimmune diseases.

That is exactly what we are going to be talking about in this episode, and you're going to learn from our world class scientist, doctors, researchers and patients in remission, exactly what the true causes are for specific debilitating autoimmune conditions. The reality is the ONLY way to be 'healthy' today is by being informed, and feeding your mind with information that will help you overcome lies, deception and BETRAYAL of corrupt industries. Remember to act now as it's only open for 24 hours.

In Episode 5 you will learn about the unique autoimmune diseases caused by toxicity - and how much of that is caused by products you use every single day in your home.

Watch this video and learn what to NOT do in your home, in order to protect your family from these dangerous toxins.

Toxins exist everywhere in our world. In the food we eat. In the fire retardant used in our clothes. You'll also learn about hidden toxins and the actual data on air pollution - and what you can DO about these things. You are NOT powerless.

Industries are taking advantage of what we don't know. When we get sick, they profit from that too. You've got to take matters into your own hands for your sake, and the sake of your family.

More than 1 BILLION pounds of pesticides are used every year - but we can do something to protect our families. You are exposed to over 250 POUNDS per person, per day, of toxins being dumped in the US.

Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
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Hele serien kan ses denne weekend!
Se den...

Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
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Terry Wahls om Tom O´Bryans bog:

No one gets an autoimmune disease overnight, whether it’s MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Alzheimer’s,… Scientists know that these diseases are decades-long processes of slow tissue damage with several distinct steps along the way before there’s enough damage to warrant a diagnosis.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan has done a remarkable job putting together a clear picture of what autoimmune diseases are, why the immune system begins attacking itself, and most importantly what you can do about it. His protocols are highly aligned with The Wahls Protocol. This book will change your life.

Terry Wahls, MD, bestselling author of The Wahls Protocol

The Hidden Reason You're Sick, Fat & Tired

Millions of people suffer from autoimmunity, whether they know it or not. The root cause of most weight gain, fatigue, brain and mood problems is autoimmunity.  And it can take years―or even decades―for symptoms and a clear diagnosis to arise. Through years of research, Dr. Tom O’Bryan has discovered that autoimmunity is actually a spectrum, and many people experiencing general malaise are already on it. And while autoimmune diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, osteoporosis, diabetes, and lupus, have become the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer, many people affected are left in the dark. The good news is that many autoimmune conditions can be reversed.  This is where that journey begins

Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
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Episode 6:

Autoimmunity and Brain Disorders: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, and Autism

Autoimmunity and the effects on the Brain

Brain fog, memory loss, anxiety, and depression…are they signs of autoimmunity? Can you test for that?

Chemicals found in everyday life are altering your brain function.

Cases that explain that the brain is directly connected with the gut.

Why rates of lupus, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, MS, autism, and ADD skyrocketed in the last few decades.

The role diet plays in brain function and brain diseases.

Titel: Sv: Betrayal The Series
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nyt link, hvor serien stadig kan ses ;)
Kan varmt anbefales

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What is Autoimmunity? - Dr. Tom O'Bryan